Confusing Your Child With These Little Puppies

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The child was confused, once upon a time. On her birthday wish list was the express delivery of a little puppy. Or it could have been under the Christmas tree one fine crispy Christmas morn. One year, the spoilt child bawled her eyes out because this was not nowhere close to the real deal. It was just another banged up floppy deliver of a toy kind. Yes, this child wanted a living, breathing, yapping and peeing puppy. It was a good idea at the time. Perhaps the little household was not yet ready for a real wild bundle of fluffy joy. Once upon a time, far, far away in a country village, there was this breeder.

She came to be inspired to cross-breed a strain of canine species who knows how many times until the perfect little toy was manufactured. Because that’s just what happened once the little dogs were born and decent homes were found, you know, those with good little girls and boys who have earned their stripes and the right and responsibility to finally start taking care of their own little puppies. That’s when the confusion started to set in. The little schnauzer puppies for sale that were sold like hot cakes before Christmas morning had all the manifestations of yet another toy doll. They were so cute and cuddly.

Until the kid touched the thing and it started to yelp. Just like a real puppy would. Imagine the kid’s surprise. Only this time, the child became a real livewire. The child that became the rich beneficiary of the christened toy schnauzer puppy dog became that household’s own bundle of joy. Because so overjoyed was she that this toy-like furry specimen was very much the real thing.