Getting Your Dog To Behave Itself

Sit, Bruno! Please sit already. No, Bruno, do not do that. That is a bad Boy, Bruno! And that is about one of the worst things you could do to an elderly dog. Tell him that he is a bad, bad boy. After all the things he has been doing for you over the years. Well, all the things he tried to get right for you. No, leave the old feller alone. He means no harm, and in any case, you should have seen that coming yonks ago. It’s time you let him be and enjoy his retirement.

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That’s been rather tardy of you. Not training your dog as you should have done right from the beginning. But believe this or not, training your dog does have its rewards. And no, you’re not talking about the dog trotting off to fetch your slippers, pipe and paper. And who reads the papers anyhow. You’re all online these days. That’s how you got to be here. And it’s a good thing too because if you need a dog trainer penn valley ca, he’s there too.

So, when the old feller finally goesÂ… What then? Maybe by then you have learned your lesson. And thankfully, maybe you still have a love for the dogs. Time for a puppy. Make sure it’s a good breed. Be prepared to spend a bit of dosh on this one. Not just for buying the little feller, but for his good upkeep too. His food, his accommodation, and his vet’s fees. Oh, and let’s not forget, the fees for training the dog. You didn’t think you’d be getting of lightly on this one now did you. But it’s worth the expense. The things your dog will be able to do for you.