Love an American Bully

When selecting a new dog to add to your home, many breeds are available to choose from. Among them is the American Bully dog. This is a great pet for many people, but it is not the right breed for everyone. You should always take the time to learn more about the dog breeds out there before adding one to your family to ensure that you are a perfect match for each other.  If you’re considering bringing the American Bully into your home, there are a few important bits of information to keep in mind.

American Bully Information

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The American Bully has been around since the 1990s. It looks very similar to the pit bull. The average American Bully weighs 35 – 60 pounds, but can get as large as 90 pounds. Some dogs are full of energy and life while others are quiet and laid back. There is no one type of personality for this dog breed. Although some of the dogs fair well with kids, it is probably best to add them to families without kids. It’s also best to bring the pet into the home when it is a puppy. Owning american bully puppies norfolk va is a lot of fun and when you own the pet from a young age, it is much better.

Miscellaneous Information

The American Bully usually doesn’t do well with other dogs. The dog is very dominant and while it is a loyal pet, it is very jealous of its own and they can result in trouble when there are other dogs in the house. The animal has a beautiful appearance that is aggressive, yet fun. It is a popular dog breed for many people and it may very well be a breed that is a welcomed addition to your home.