Purebred Pups Listen To Classical Music

For the purposes of creating domestic bliss in the home environment, there are dedicated professional breeders of the most gorgeous and cutest hybrid and purebred puppies. Consider the environment in which such unique puppies are being bred. So unlike Vegas perhaps, but did you know that purebred puppies las vegas bred are now listening to classical music twenty-four hours a day!

Gosh! How is this possible? Here, take a quick peek. While a newborn hybrid or purebred puppy is being nursed by its mother, the mother receives its proper nutritional care. Proper nutritional care includes a healthy, balanced diet and the healthy cocktail of vitamins. Both mum and puppies are fed home cooked meals. These delicious meals are usually chicken and/or liver, and with rice. Puppies are given what the dedicated breeder likes to refer to as puppy shots.

These shots help to prevent viruses such as distemper and Parvo from creeping in. They also help to prevent the onset of a range of infectious illnesses. Deworming is helped with this feeding process as well. Now, while the little ones are being closely monitored by their breeders, mom is enjoying her regular dose of classical music. The little ones also get an earful. And when you think about it, this is not a bad idea.

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Imagine exposing those sensitive furry little ears to rap music and heavy metal. The classical music is just so relaxing. Potty training is good too. And who would have imagined that this is possible for weeks-old dogs. Dogs are taught to listen. And the discipline training is a little easier than would normally be the case because these are purebred dogs after all. They’re pretty fit too, being given plenty of exercise out in the clean yard.